STOP! Don’t Kill That Child’s Dream!

LET THEM DREAM I SAY. Every child has the right to live , eat , education and freedom to express themselves however they want, “with proper guidance of course ” . Children don’t dream nomore , African children don’t dream nomore! African societies and communities have since developed a way of killing an African child’s dream. 

One can safely say that it’s almost as if the African community specifically the black community has their eye on failure and not success for the black child. Not much if not nothing is planned for the future of the black child. And in turn not much is also expected from them. Result is a country full of unskilled,unqualified, bitter and poor people.But does it mean that they don’t have any potential to be successful? Does it mean an African kid should always come second best or even last on everything? Does it mean an African child cannot contribute meaningfully to the development of a nation’s economy? NO! Because everyone is born with a seed of greatness, unexplainable volumes of potential just waiting to be unleashed and amazing talents dying for some nurturing 

Many more questions can be raised on the future of a growing black kid and unfortunately not all of those questions have NO positive answers to them. I do realize that people are of different opinions and some could argue that black people are on the rise and we are now seeing their contributions to the economy. Yes ! , as true as that may be but it is still only a very small portion of black Africans that has managed to break free from the “dream killing ” African mentality to land themselves valuable and meaningful careers . Only a few have managed to keep their dreams alive and have worked tirelessly to achieve those goals. And only a small fraction of the black community has managed to be financially free compared to the huge fraction of that of the white race. 

I am a proud black man from Zimbabwe and unfortunately I grew up in this same community that kills dreams more they support them. Yes l also had a lot dreams and aspirations, most of which l couldn’t remember by the time l got to high school. “Go to school, get a qualification, get yourself a wife was and is still is the best deemed advice you can ever get from your guardian or parent in the African community. And soon you get married have kids. And more kids ! “.

I could see how hard it was for my parents to provide for me and my little sister but in the end it became a lifestyle, were you are used to not have rather than to have. At this point everyone would get comfortable and be content with not having only because everyone around you is having more or less the same problems as you. There was never a trust fund for me and my little sister for when we grow up and so it was for every household in the community. As good as l was at playing soccer no one really was there for me to nature the talent and make money from it. Too good that l even made it to play for the younger groups of the national team and the premier league as well. But obviously it was without any compensation which forced me to stop playing abruptly. I never believed that l could have a successful life and play in the big leagues abroad because i was always reminded that i will never make it that far. All l could hear was “stop playing soccer and focus on your books , so you can get a job and start your own family “. So that also ended dismally for me. Listening from afar it would almost sound like your own parents want to get rid of you as quick as they can.

l am quite certain that this is how many of the talented black Africans filled with a lot of potential lost all hope in fulfilling their dreams. Some even went to the grave with their great voices that could have made hit songs that touch people’s lives, some like me were meant to global soccer superstars , others could have been business owners and so on , But the black community never really prepared a platform to CREATE WEALTH and a LEGACY! All we have mastered to do is to put power hungry money grabbers in higher positions of the government and entrust them with making our lives better. We have literally entrusted a bunch 80 -100 government officials to run a nation of millions for us and make it better. Meanwhile some of them are easily amassing wealth for themselves by misusing their power and authority, promising better everything for everyone only in times of elections the community is busy getting more and more aquatinted to poverty and more bitter. 

But then l asked myself,”As a community, do we really need to wait for the government to make our lives better to run away from poverty ?” NO ! NOT AT ALL! . I realize it can be extremely hard for the government to better every single person’s life. I also do realize that it would only be much easier for a government to provide and protect a people with a forever developing success mindset.(some might argue). Gone are the days were people should still hate or racially abuse each other because of the difference in wealth and privileges particularly between the black and white races. It’s no guess that white people are more privileged, developed, exposed and more successful than black people. But it’s only because of one little thing they mastered , NEVER TO KILL A CHILD’S DREAM. They take huge pride in planning for the future of their children.

A country will always be there generations and generations to come, but it would mean nothing if you have a country full of unskillful, uneducated and poor people. And the only way l believe white people managed to tackle this problem is by supporting their children’s dreams and carefully planning their future before they are even born or when they are still very young. This is also a very important element they managed to install into their children minds and is guaranteed to be generational. Their quest in trying to have their children to fulfill their fullest potential and abilities is an important tool for creating wealth and a legacy that is generational, something our black community failed to copy. A large percentage of black children grow up and go to universities without any proper career guidance because for them it’s just a stage in life they have to go through. With that being said, you will also find out that a large percentage of these kids will study programs that they don’t want. 

As if that’s not enough, a very large portion of the black community do not save anything for their children for when they grow up so they can have a stepping stone. Saving for a child today is a wonderful gift for their future. Not only can they start their adult lives with some savings in hand, but getting kids involved early with saving also helps them learn important lessons about money, business and other investments. There’s no other easy way of creating wealth more than this. 
Free these kids ! Let them spread their wings and dream as much as they can. Stop imposing the same mentality that evidently made you a failure as parent. Adopt other new ways of thinking and naturing your children. Getting rid of poverty starts from every single household before it extends to the whole nation. The government can only do that much but we as a community have a bigger job to do. Give the next generation a future to look forward to. STOP KILLING THEIR DREAMS I SAY !

William Zvingowaniseyi ®


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